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Risborough Area Community Bus Routes

There are six routes which run at various times of the week. Each route has a separate timetable. The map below shows all six routes operated by the Risborough Area Community Bus. Below the map are the details for each of the routes which can be downloaded and saved or viewed on your local computer or hand held device.

Testimonial, from a young Mumyoung passenger_2016 2

‘We use the Princes Risborough Community Bus each week to go to a baby class in Longwick. It is very convenient and reliable, especially easy to get my pushchair on and off. The drivers are friendly, and helpful making sure that the pushchair is safe and secure.’

The map shows the six routes which we service

Map showing all routes

Download a copy of the map here


We are introducing a new Timetable, effective from 1st October 2017.  There is little change to existing routes, but the Kimble run will be extended to include Ellesbourgh/Butlers Cross, and this service will replace the Speen run on a Saturday morning.

There are six routes which run at various times of the week. Each route has a separate timetable. You can either note the timetable below, or download and keep a local copy of it.

Do remember to check from time to time in case the timetable changes.

Service Exceptions

No services after 13:15 on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.   No services Sundays and Public Holidays. Afternoon services to the Bledlows, Speen and the Kimbles will operate only if there are passengers in the High Street wishing to return to the villages.

Route Timetables and Maps

Click on a route below to go to the route timetable and map.

Testimonial, from a grateful relative of one of our regular passengers’

Martyn Timberlake, Roy’s son in law, has told us that the bus gave him independence, access to the town and facilities farther afield; also a social life and interaction which would otherwise not have been possible. To travel just that short distance into town and engage in a bit of banter would be the highlight of his day – unless of course it was a Saturday, his beloved Arsenal won and his pick of the horses fleeced Mr Coral!

Sadly Roy passed away recently.

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